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Turn your living room into a gallery with the Samsung “Frame TV"

For years, TV makers have tried to build a TV that would look like a picture hanging on your wall. With The Frame, Samsung has succeeded, stylishly. This 4K TV sports a bezel that looks like a picture frame available in both 55” and 65” inch displays. 

It can display images from its library of more than 100 art pieces, including landscape, architecture, wildlife, and drawings. You can also display your own photos.

The Frame's unique look comes courtesy of famed industrial designer Yves Behar. Unlike a regular TV, The Frame is designed to always show a picture when someone is in the room. A motion sensor ensures that the image remains onscreen as long as the TV senses movement. After a period of no motion, the screen will go blank to save power.

The Frame offers several options for art layouts, as well as customizable accessories including interchangeable bezels.

It's a terrific Ultra HD 4K TV, too

The Frame is also a very capable 4K Ultra HD TV with HDR (High Dynamic Range). It’s vibrant picture deserves the highest quality signals you can feed it. For now and the forseeable future, the best available 4K source is a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player. Hollywood will release hundreds more movies on Ultra HD Blu-ray this year, and most of those discs will also offer HDR's enhanced contrast and color range. There are 4K/HDR web streaming options, too, including Netflix®, Amazon Instant Video, and Vudu.


Artwork TV Frame

With the touch of a button, an Artwork TV Frame transforms your flat panel television or high-tech video display into a breathtaking work of art that enhances any room decor. Inside an elegant hardwood frame, an ultra-quiet motor raises the canvas artwork to fully reveal the viewing screen. When turned off, your television disappears as the artwork is lowered into the picture frame.

See a demo of an actual TV featuring motorized artwork.


Available Artwork:

Our selection of artwork is available in 500 standard paintings by a collection of artists from around the world. Each painting is a special print applied to canvas specially designed for this continuous movement. The print is then sealed and protected by a clear layer of acrylic.


Custom Artwork:

Customers can supply their own artwork in digital format or if you have an existing painting, we can create a high resolution photograph of the work and incorporate this into your frame. For professional portraits a release from the original photographer is required.


Custom Design:

Each moving piece of artwork is custom designed for your specific television model. The ultra silent drive mechanism makes operation of your artwork barely more than a whisper when in motion.

Click here to start designing your own TV frame, artwork, or TV mirror!

Mirrored TV

With televisions becoming considerably larger and displayed in more prominent places, the black rectangle of a powered-off television can detract from an otherwise beautiful décor.  The revolutionary TV mirror glass easily solves this dilemma!  This is more than an ordinary piece of glass of course.  Using advanced beam splitter mirror technology prevents distortion when your tv is turned on, but when you turn off your tv, it is transformed into a decorative mirror!

Every mirrored TV frame is custom manufactured to your specific TV and overall design and requirements.