Building a home?

Wire your home for FUTURE TECHNOLOGY. That simple point can not be stressed enough to you at this beginning stage of the process. The internal wiring inside of your home not only determines what technology you will have access to when you move in, but what access you will have in years to come. Don't trust your electrician or alarm company to correctly wire your home for audio/video/electronics as they are not experts in this field.  We work directly with the you and/or designer, architect, builder, interior decorator and cabinetmaker to create individually designed entertainment systems that fit your demands and lifestyles.

Contact us during the framing stage of construction for a no obligation initial consultation and “walk through” of your new home. We want the system wiring that we install to last the life of your home.  We use only top quality materials including high performance in-wall approved, high strand count speaker cable featuring oxygen free copper which resists wire corrosion. In addition to having your home professionally wired by DYNAMIC AUDIO VIDEO, we can then recommend the best new equipment for your home to complete your home entertainment system.


There is a lot of discussion about what the future holds and what technology will prevail. One thing is certain, if your new home is under construction now is the time to prepare for future needs. Many new homes being built today are not prepared for future technology and the homeowners may have a difficult time upgrading in the future. We feel that it is our responsibility to educate the home owner, the builder and the electrician so that homes built today are ready for the future.

When planning your electrical and wiring needs in your new home please discuss all of these issues with your builder, your electrical contractor and with us.

Wire your home for the FUTURE!

A basic cable wire and phone wire is NOT enough to take advantage of new technologies now and in the future.  DYNAMIC AUDIO VIDEO can install a home wiring network that connects all the rooms in your home to a central location. From there services like cable TV, satellite TV, audio, and high speed internet can be routed to any room at any time. Conveniences like satellite, cable TV, and surveillance cameras can be enjoyed wherever you choose. And because the home wiring systems we install have the future in mind, new technologies like interactive TV, digital television, and video-on-demand can easily be made part of your home and your lifestyle.