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Uncompromising Sound Quality: The James Small Aperture (SA Series) Speaker and Subwoofer Collection.

The James Small Aperture (SA Series) speaker and subwoofer collection offers an unmatched combination of performance and style. Perfect for the most discerning designers and listeners, these speakers are engineered to meet any architectural needs without sacrificing sound quality.

The speaker and subwoofer collection combines superior sound and aesthetic appeal. These deliver deep bass and wide frequency response in an industry first 3” aperture, while their aircraft aluminum construction and modular design ensure long life and easy service. With its sleek edge detail and ability to match industry standard lighting trim kits, the SA Series provides a no-compromise solution for bringing your home to life.

The James Loudspeaker: 
Small Aperture Series.

Revolutionary Ultra-High-Performance Architectural Speakers

The James Loudspeaker Small Aperture Series is a revolutionary ultra-high-performance architectural speaker that can be mounted in-ceiling or in-wall, with only a tiny opening exposed. It features a powerful yet compact subwo coupled with a module that handles the midrange and high frequencies, delivering detailed bass notes down to 38 Hz and wide dispersion. Available in 3-inch or 4-inch round or square flush mount style with a variety of standard and custom finishes for the low-profileille. Learn more about the technology and watch a 5 minute video explaining how Small Aperture products are designed, manufactured and integrated into modern homes.


Designs should have clean lines, without shadows disrupting the flow.

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