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LEON:  Elevated Audio Design with Customized SONOS Solutions

Take your basic TV projects to new heights with our cutting-edge solution from Dynamic Audio Video. Elevate your sound experience by concealing your SONOS Arc, Beam, or Ray soundbar within a sleek hardwood cabinet that seamlessly matches the width of any TV.

Calling all designers and architects: it's time to revolutionize your projects and captivate your clients with this aesthetically pleasing solution. 


Introducing LEON Media Decor

"Where Technology and Art Harmoniously Converge"

LEON Media Decor brings you the seamless integration of technology and art with their Media Décor collection. With just a simple touch of a button, you can elegantly hide your TV behind a captivating piece of fine art. Specially designed to effortlessly blend into your individual space, the Moving Art Screens and Art Lifts feature exquisite handcrafted frames. These frames showcase world-class artwork carefully curated from renowned galleries or even from your own personal collection. Experience a design-friendly solution that combines aesthetics and home technology with LEON Media Decor's exceptional offerings.

Hidden Technology: Conceal and Elevate Sound 

Experience our hidden technology solutions 
and bring your project to life!

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