• Audio/Video Furniture

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Think of the word "original". What comes to mind? New, novel, creative? Perhaps ingenious, or maybe innovative? For nearly 20 years, Salamander Designs® has been "Defining Original" in audio/video furniture. To them, "Defining Original" is more than just a slogan. It is a way of life. It permeates everything they do, and it's a part of every piece of furniture they make. Their design philosophy encompasses a systems approach that fuses visual design, functional engineering, and advanced manufacturing processes to yield high quality results. Finished cabinets are built to order in the USA, and with their quick ship program most pieces will ship within three days. Throughout history they have designed highly flexible and customizable furniture solutions intended to offer a huge number of choices in materials, finishes, colors, fabrics, and performance options. By integrating such a high level of customization throughout their product line, anyone can become an active participant in creating their own unique furniture designs. It's a pretty different way of looking at furniture design. Instead of "one-size-fits-all" everyone gets exactly what fits them. 

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