• Multi-Room Music 

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DYNAMIC AUDIO VIDEO can give you the music experience of a lifetime for your next party or social event. We have the ability, knowledge, experience, and skill set to install a multi-room music system that will make you the envy of your neighorhood!  This gives you the ability to have music throughout your entire house from your outdoor patio and pool area, to every room on every floor of your house. By installing a multi-room music system, we provide your home with the ability to have different music playing simultaneously in different areas of your home all at independant volume levels. Once again, with this experience you have the ability to control everything with the touch of an in-wall keypad, touchscreen, or mobile device.

Speaker Choices:

Modern day house speakers can be installed inside of a wall or ceiling so all you see is a (paintable) mesh grill on the surface. If aesthetics are a priority we can even install completely invisible speakers that you don't see at all. Outdoor speakers can even be disguised as a rock or fully functioning planter to be used on a deck, patio, or any other outdoor living space. No longer do speakers have to be a visual eyesore in your home, DYNAMIC AUDIO VIDEO will make sure your audio system is seamlessly integrated with your home so that your equipment is as visually appealing as possible. To make things even better, all of our speakers carry a full lifetime warranty!