• Surveillance Cameras

Your most valuable possession is your family. Add peace of mind with a HIGH DEFINITION (megapixel) surveillance camera system that can record weeks of activity. Modern surveillance camera technology allows viewing in pitch black conditions, and covert cameras allow you to keep an eye on house staff or the nanny. Camera video can be routed through your televisions, the internet, mobile phone and more. If using a home automation system, camera video can automatically appear on touchscreens when someone presses the doorbell. Peace of mind and security are priceless in modern society.

Megapixel HD surveillance cameras offer up to 

8x the resolution of traditional analog cameras.

Surveillance camera systems are integral systems for today's secure home. With a networked surveillance camera system you can check in to make sure the nanny is on course or the repairman isn't napping on the job, all from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, even from your mobile phone.



Check on your home from across the room…or across the globe!