• Universal Remote 

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Does this look familiar? 

Are you tired of juggling remotes?


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If so, let DYNAMIC AUDIO VIDEO customize a universal remote control for your project. We can ensure that you will be able to easily and intuitively control your entire audio video system with the push of a button. 

For example, pushing the "DVD" button will power on your system, select the appropriate inputs and settings, and begin playing your movie. It's really that simple… GUARANTEED!

You can even control lights, thermostats, and more- all from the palm of your hand!

Since most people don't want to see all of their audio-visual equipment on display in the family room, we usually hide all the gear in a cabinet or in a nearby closet.   Then a remote control can be used to operate the system.

DYNAMIC AUDIO VIDEO has lots of different remote control options, and we can work with you to find the one that meets your functional needs as well as your budget.

Whether it's the simplest handheld "clicker" or the most amazing 15" touch panel, your remote control is one of the most important pieces of your system.   In most cases it will be the only piece of equipment you actually handle on a daily basis.

Some controls can show the weather forecast,  access your entire music library, or even monitor a security camera.   No matter how fancy it is however, the most important thing is that it's easy to understand and easy to use.