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TRUFIG Mounting Platforms: Achieving Precision Alignment and Consistent Aesthetics.

TRUFIG Mounting Platforms provide architects and designers with a reliable, high-quality installation solution for a range of surfaces and technologies. The installation process is fast and efficient, with traditional trade methods ensuring accurate and error-free results. This eliminates the need for "one-off" solutions to hide outlets boards and back-splashes.

TRUFIG provides precision alignment and a unified aesthetic across a range of devices from different manufacturers, allowing them to blend seamlessly into the environment without compromising the design.


TRUFIG Mounting Solutions

"Stylish and Functional Solutions for Architects and Designers."

TRUFIG solutions allow surface-mounted tablets to be moved into the architecture for a sleek finish that is flush-mounted, revealing only the functional surface. TRUFIG Mounting solutions are now more flexible to support the form factors and charging requirements of all tablets, making them ideal for architects and designers looking for a stylish and functional solution.

The Sleek Beauty of TRUFIG Integration.







Designs should have clean lines, without shadows disrupting the flow.

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