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Voice Control with JOSH AI


Meet JOSH! offers an elegant voice solution that integrates seamlessly with your Control4 system, giving you hands-free control over the devices and experiences that are integrated. Josh’s natural language processing keeps you from having to memorize scripted or clunky phrases. Josh understands a variety of accents and dialects and can respond to over 1,000,000 voice queries. Plus, Josh uses machine learning to continuously learn and improve over time.


Josh enables you to use voice control naturally. Installing Josh with your Control4 system unleashes the possibilities of your smart home while enabling every family member with a personalized and inclusive control platform. Freely make multiple requests in a single command, contextually adjust your surroundings, and conveniently search for your favorite media content, thanks to Josh’s knowledge of Control4’s connected devices.  In addition to luxurious design and elegant user experiences, every Josh interaction remains private thanks to its steadfast commitment to keeping user data secure. Snap One is excited to bring Josh’s innovation to every Control4 home!


Josh is beyond a standard assistant, empowering you to execute compound commands, like: “OK, Josh: dim the lights to 25%, listen to the Rolling Stones, and set the volume to 50%.” Equipped with powerful far-field microphone arrays, Josh Micro and Josh Nano can hear you from across the room while providing responses through your surround sound speaker system. Josh can also schedule commands for the future, like “OK Josh, turn on the porch light at sunset,” or “OK Josh, watch ESPN in 30 minutes.”   


In addition to voice control, Josh’s microphones are equipped with an array of sensors that enable location and contextual awareness for more intelligent interactions. Since it is recommended that Josh devices are placed in frequented rooms and areas, location does not need to be specified when making a request. Simply saying, "OK Josh, turn on the lights" activates the lights in the room or area that you are in.  Josh’s memory of your prior request also offers seamless follow-up commands, like "OK Josh, set them to 50%," to adjust the lights you just spoke to. Josh’s memory extends across devices -- For example, following video commands, like "OK Josh, watch the news," the request, "OK Josh, set it to 40%," adjusts the volume of your TV.


Josh’s proprietary natural language processing technology enables its users to not have to memorize scripted or clunky phrases. Thanks to its intelligence and ability to infer meaning, Josh understands different accents, dialects, and can process millions of variations of commands. Josh also uses machine learning to continuously adapt and evolve over time. The more you interact with Josh, the more it will become tailored to your needs. Every Josh system receives bi-weekly over-the-air software updates, which include new features and improvements. 


Josh was built with user privacy in mind and will never sell, share, or leverage data. Josh microphones can be physically muted to ensure it does not accidentally activate during private or noisy moments. While Josh is continuously learning from your adjustments, habits, and preferences, you have the choice to control how much data your home shares, and you can purge that data at any time. 


The Josh software includes instant device discovery and control, expediting deployments for installers. As a professional solution, Josh provides the flexibility to scale up, no matter the project's size, duration, or complexity.

Lets make your home listen!
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